Room 1 - Play our original room OR the sequel

Room Difficulty Duration Premise
Bait & Switch 3/5 45 min Lured to an abandoned building by rumors
of a treasure, match wits with a madman who has
planted a bomb to test your skills.
Do him proud and go free, disappoint and
you'll go out with a bang!
Bomber's Revenge 3/5 45 min You beat him at his own game last time and
ran straight to the police. He went to jail and
you've enjoyed peace and safety ever since.
Unfortunately, he did not appreciate your
disrespect, and even more unfortunate...
he's got a whole new plan for you.
If you haven't played Bait & Switch yet, it's
recommended to play it first.

Room 2 - The sweet one

Room Difficulty Duration Premise
Candymonium 3/5 45min A candy company is in BIG trouble.
They spent all their money on a new line of
candy, but now the secret recipe is missing and they'll
go broke without your help.
Succeed in saving the company, and they'll cut
you in for some sweet profit sharing!

Room 3 - In Development